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welcome to the workshop


Always wanted to know how Woodturning is done? Or maybe you're looking for inspiration for your own pieces? Then look no Further! I will share some the basics of woodturning here - I'll show you the process from start to Finish as well as help you find more information by linking to our dedicated Woodturning Tips Blog when there is an accompanying tutorial. 

Choosing the right wood 

Although this can seem pretty obvious as a starting point it's important to visualise how you want your finished piece to look. You need to consider Grain, Texture, Knots, Colour and how easy the wood is to work with. You don't want to find yourself battling with a difficult type of wood your first time on the laithe.

She may not look like much but inside this stump of "" lies a corker of a table bowl. Look for the natural lines and flow of the wood when starting your design, this will help you smoothly carve as you go.  

Once you have an idea what you're looking for you can start to see the shapes coming through and adjust your design as you go, remember wood is organic so let you process change organically with it! 

After that you can apply Varnish, Wood Stain, Wax - or in the case of this Bowl a copper inlay. The possibilities are endless! You can see more images of this particular finished piece by clicking Here